It is our aim to ensure that all flowers & products we deliver are of excellent quality and closely resemble the flowers & products as advertised on this website.

In the unlikely event that flowers are delivered that are not to this high standard, we will offer to replace and deliver the flowers with new and fresh flowers.

To obtain a replacement, the customer must send a photo of the delivered flowers within 3 days of delivery to the manager:

We do not require return of any flowers that are not up to our standard, but we would appreciate if the flowers could be returned to the delivery person making the replacement delivery.

Please note, if flowers are replaced, they will not be delivered in another free vase. 


We rely on our replacement policy and do not normally offer refunds.

However, as long as we are provided with the the correct delivery address, if for whatever reason we are unable delivery the product in stock, as offered on this website, that has been paid for by a customer, we will immediately refund in full that payment to the customer along with an explanation for non delivery.

If for any reason we are unable to supply pre-ordered flowers, we will notify the customer ASAP and fully refund any money paid in advance. This refund will be a full and final resolution to the matter and we will not be liable for any damages whatsoever regarding the non supply of flowers.

All refund amounts for orders are credited to the original card that was used to purchase the flowers. If you paid using PayPal, the funds will be returned via your PayPal account.

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