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Select Flowers operating as a Caloundra Florist is a Registered Business. All commercial transactions of this business and its related websites, are made under the management provisions of the Registered Business and its ABN.


Save for the conditions below, for every purchase made, we guarantee if something is wrong, just let us know via:

OR the manager: gordon@getmail.com.au
and we will make it right.


• We collect personal data for the purpose of fulfilling orders for products or services;

• We do not disclose that personal data to any entity whatsoever, unless required to do so by law;

• Only with your express permission, we may send you emails about our products and other updates.


• All credit card transactions are performed by the secure operations of Stripe or Paypal;
• We do not have access to, or keep records of customer credit card details;

• Any credit card details retained for re-orders or subscriptions, are securely kept and maintained by the proper and lawful operations of Stripe or PayPal.


• All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.

• All prices, unless otherwise stated, are quoted in Australian dollars.


Deliveries are personally made 7 days a week including Sunday.
Unless otherwise arranged with the customer, all deliveries are:

• Free;

• Made between 7am and 7pm;

• In accordance with customer instructions provided in the order form.


• SAME DAY ORDERS - Once an order is processed & delivery is underway, it cannot be cancelled.

• PRE-ORDERS - Cancellation of a Pre-order can be made at any time prior to our purchasing your pre-order from a supplier.

 A refund to your credit card will be made.
It is important to note, that once we have paid for your pre-order from our supplier and you wish to cancel, we are only able to refund a component of the price you have paid, minus the expenses we have incurred.


We don't have one because we do not substitute:

Most florist websites, and in particular every Phony Florist website, has a Substitution Policy so that they can substitute flowers that they present for sale by way of flower arrangements on their websites, when those particular flowers are not available. It is usually with the excuse that the flowers in the arrangements are "seasonal", or for some other variety of reasons, the flowers are not available.

We have no Substitution Policy... because we don't need one. What our published flower arrangements depict, is what is delivered. If there is any variation to what we publish, we will clearly spell out what that variation is, before you commit to a purchase.

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